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Wellp, I'm so lazy, I didn't draw anything new. So I decided to upload the drawing I made in June.

Yep, they're the Soviets. Oh noes, they don't wear ushankas and don't play on balalaika! :iconscaryrussiaplz:

I think you're a little bit bored with my characters from 40s epoch. (It doesn't mean I'll stop draw them forever, no,no,no!). So meet characters from my next favourite epoch, the 60s!

The idea of making the Intellectual and the Bully (Интеллигент и Хулиган) came after watching some Soviet satirical cartoons for adults (I mean, not fairy fales for children, but cartoon propaganda shorts against parasitism, alcoholism, smoking, poaching and so on). So there always were two typical characters: the good guy and the bad guy, and the good guy is always tries to make the bad one turn over a new leaf. Stereotypical, isn't it? I know.

So, what would be with the plot? That's easy. The Bully "works" on the factory. Well, he is lazy, and the boss is very angry at him. He says that the Bully should be punished for the parasitism and would be fired. But who will help our anti-hero? Of course, the Intellectual, who came to "improve" the Bully. There would be only 1 month to do it.

Of course, I tried to use my favourite cartoonish style. I just can't imagine them as kawaii desu bishounens. They fit the style they really belong to.
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September 20, 2012
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