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Bretz and Fauler by Hegichern

Name pronunciation: [zɪlˈvɛstɐ 'bʀɛʦ]

This time I present to you the third antagonist of my story - Silvester Bretz. He was created in April 2011 and has undergone many changes in personality. Originally he was created as an absolute imbecile with multiple mental disorders, but I soon removed the idea of a madman, leaving only a slight fussy, and gave him some positive qualities, despite the fact that essentially he is a villain.

Silvester was born in Schwerin, in the family of Jurgen and Minna, the housewife. Well, it's rather to say that he was born in another place. His mother went into labor during a walk in the forest, and the boy was born there. Because of it the child got his name "Silvester" - from the Latin word "forest."
Silvester's parents, especially his father, tried to raise the boy in the hope that in future he will become a priest. Silvester was not eager to spend his entire life in reading prayers and staying on his knees. He, like all children, could not wait to have fun and play pranks. But the strict father gave him very little time to play. And Silvester after another sermon, while the children ran out to frolic on the street, he went into the quiet cemetery that was next to the church, and played at the headstones, trying not to get anyone in the eye.
Silvester learned to cook early and dreamed that someday he would become a great chef at the restaurant. He had an extraordinary pleasure to prepare not only for himself but for others. But the parents were adamant - no need to cook soups and porridges, it's not a work for a church beadle. Silvester did not want to listen to them. He knew that for the fulfillment of his dream he will do everything, and nobody will stop him.
After graduating the school it was time to go to seminary, but suddenly Silvester quarreled with his parents. Stating that he was born not for this, and that he was not going to live any longer with them, Silvester went to Berlin. There he entered a culinary college, and soon brilliantly graduated it.He soon got a job as a cook in a small cafe. Some years had passed, and the cafe became popular because of the delicious dishes which were made by humble and good-natured Silvester.
But soon everything was changed. And blame ... Martin Richter, head of one of the offices of the Gestapo. He had heard about successful cafe and knew that the he desperately needed a cook in the Gestapo caffeteria, he has offered an unprecedented amount of many to Silvester and promised him a big salary, if only he would work for him. And at the sight of the money Silvester immediately forgot about that first job as a cook brought him peace of pleasure. He immediately quit his job at the cafe and went to work in the Gestapo.
Silvester changed a lot. He sheared his fine blonde hair, his sweet smile turned into a smirk, and there was no question about his modesty, because Silvester began acting rude and using foul language. But he knew – a valuable chef do not get fired for no reason, even if he is acting abominably. Therefore, I must say that Silvester is not crazy. He's just arrogant and cunning, confident of his impunity.
Personality: As I said earlier, Silvester could be regarded as a hotbed of vice. He smokes, drinks, speaks rude, to look at women with lustful eyes. He is not afraid of blood, because he cut a lot of animals for food. But perhaps, all is not lost. Over the years a vicious boy turned into a very sociable guy, with the opened wide soul. On the other hand, is not quite correct to call him a completely negative character, although there are not many positive qualities. He does not refuse to give an advice to his friends, he can be trusted. But alas, not all people love Silvester…
Relationships: No doubt, Silvester is a womanizer. One week - a new woman. But there is a problem: he does not love them. They are just for sex. But there is one woman whom Silvester loves with all his heart, that brings light to his dark life. It's Klara. Silvester secretly adores her, wants to meet with her and for her he's ready to stop promiscuity, but ... Klara is Torsten's girlfriend, and Silvester wants to eliminate him as quickly as possible, but it does not work. Klara does not accept the courtship and harassment coming from Silvester, but he did not think to give up. Silvester truly believes that someday Klara will be with him. When Klara walks into the dining room, you'll get something nasty for dinner - under strong emotions Silvester messes ingredients.
Silvester eagerly befriends Ustas, helps him to find a girl. With Heinrich and Matias he has a normal relationship, but Silvester is always ready to play a trick on them. With Eginhard and brothers Flinker- neutral as well.
But Torsten - is a personal enemy of Silvester. Silvester always finds a way to humiliate Torsten, but he often goes away with it, and Silvester's intrigues don't always work. Silvester believes that in terms of sex and charisma he is much better than Torsten, and tries to prove it to Klara, but she prefer good-natured and sympathetic Torsten than rude and arrogant Silvester.
Food: Silvester not really has time to enjoy the taste of food made by himself, so his food consists of sandwiches and snacks, but also he can afford much junk food.

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